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Board & Wetsuit Rentals

Board & Wetsuit Rentals
Rental Boards to Learn, Improve & Enjoy your surfing experience.

K-Coast has the rental boards that will help to introduce you to the sport of surfing or allow you to try various board styles before you make a purchase of a new or used surfboard. Many customers looking to mpurchase their first board, usually a used board, are still not exactly sure what size board they want. While we will make suggestions for each customers size and ability, with the rental fleet we can let you try several sizes and types of boards similar to ones available for purchase in order to help you best decide to find the best board for you.We always apply one half of the rental fee towards the purchase of a new or used surfboard if you are trying to see what size/type of surfboard is right for you. 

The NSP 6'8" is the most popular board in the funboard NSP series. This is a
forgiving performance fun shape that will offer a stable platform for beginning surfers as well as a rounded pintail that will hold in overhead surf for expert surfers too. With this shape you have all your bases covered.

The 7'2" Funshape is performance version of the 7'6" with a little more flip in the nose to assist with late take off's. This performer has a beautifully The 7'2 is narrow enough to fit under your arm and buoyant enough to be an easy paddler that will get you into waves all day long!

Tk-coast lessons softophe 7'6" Tri Fin Egg is a classic. It's shaped like a mini longboard and the
focus here is fun. This is a perfect first board for young surfers and for mini
longboard fanatics alike. The egg shape is small enough to carry around but very stable on the water. This board will grow with your ability from your first wave to your first cutback.

The 7'10" Mini Longboard is a performance shape in a funboard package. It is a balanced stable shape combined with the extra volume that helps you catch waves with ease. But don't be fooled, this board goes like a rocket when the surf is pumping. The rounded pintail will hold solid surf and the thruster configuration combined with the nicely foiled rails really projects your bottom turn. 
Softops from Surftech and Surface are the perfect first surfboard for the beginner. These high-performance  surfboards are the LIGHTEST entry level boards on the market. The Softop line-up is ideal for the entry level to the intermediate surfer. Real PERFOMANCE fin systems including Future side fins (on 2+1 and tri-fin models).Softops don't absorb water or get soft, heavy, or flexible over
time. The boards are high-performance epoxy surfboards with a soft EVA foam deck and rails.  These safe, durable wax-free boards fill the gap between sponge boards and regular fiberglass boards, blending safety, performance and durability like no other surfboard made.

All rentals are required to fill out a release form by the person renting the equipment if over the age of eighteen or by a parent or guardian if under the age of eighteen. Be sure to bring valid ID with you and a major credit card in order to rent any equipment.

Surfboard rentals are great for anyone learning how to surf or just vacationing in the area. Rent a board for the day or for the entire week. We offer funshapes (7' to 8') and longboards as rentals. Softop (foam) boards are available for beginners. We also have NSP's in a variety of sizes. Just stop by the shop on 35th Street and we will be happy to find a rental board that will work best for you.

To rent a board you must be 18 or have a parent present to sign the release. Please bring a valid picture ID. You will also need to present a current credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover). Make sure that you have means to transport the rentals like roof rack tie downs or a vehicle that can accommodate a longboard. Before surf beaches are in effect, walking across the street at 35th is perfect and transportation isn't necessary. If you have any questions regarding surfboard rentals, call us at the shop (410) 524-8500. We also rent an array of high end bodyboards and bodyboard fins. Cold?... We have a full selection of wetsuits, boots and gloves to keep you in the water when the waves are big and the water or air temp is cold. Want to catch some big swell in February? We have the suit if you have the courage.

Rental Rates:

Week $100
24 Hours $35
Return by 9:00 PM or close in off season $25
Wetsuits $20
Boots and/or Gloves $10
Week $35
Day $10
Bodyboard Fins $10/day