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by Stewart

  • 9'6" X 23 1/2" X 3 1/4" 70L
  • FCSII 2+1
  • The Hydro Hull, quite possibly the most famous high-performance longboard model of all time, was our top-selling longboard worldwide for decades. Designed to be an all-around amazing performance board, the Hydro Hull blew people’s minds with incredibly innovative features, like the modern trim rocker, single to double concave bottom, and beveled entry rail, which were revolutionary design features at the time. The Hydro Hull remains a great all purpose surfboard for any level of ability, but we don’t stock it anymore because we’ve completely redesigned it into an even better version, the Redline11. The Redline 11 has all the key features of the Hydro Hull while adding more volume in the nose for paddle power and a narrow pin tail for incredible turning ability.  Check out the details of the Redline 11 HERE.

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